Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny: A Complete Relationship Timeline

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In February 2023, Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny ignited the rumor mill, sending sparks flying with whispers of a blossoming love affair! The rumors came hot on the heels of Jenner’s split with NBA star, Devin Booker, and Bad Bunny’s farewell to his long-standing partner, Gabriela Berlingeri. Here’s everything that has gone down during their relationship.

Spring 2023

In February 2023, rumors started as information given by an unknown source to DeuxMoi, a celebrity gossip column, hinted at Jenner and Bad Bunny engaging in some passionate moments at a private club in Los Angeles. The whispers were confirmed by a Deux U podcast, unveiling Jenner as the mystery model. Subsequent events saw the pair on a double date with Justin and Hailey Bieber, further fueling speculation.

Later, in March, they left an LA hotspot and hugged, and a few weeks later a “source” claimed that they were affectionate and even making out at a different restaurant in LA. In April, Kendall danced the night away at Coachella at Bad Bunny’s show, and they were once again seen leaving yet another restaurant together.

May and June 2023

In May, a source claimed that the two were getting even closer and getting more serious, and they even attended a Lakers game both wearing snakeskin boots!  But things took a turn in June during Bad Bunny’s interview with Rolling Stone.

The rapper got upset about how people are nowadays and how there’s no privacy left, going on about how everyone is always filming everyone else and how “everyone’s a paparazzi.” He also refused to address the rumors about him dating Jenner, letting fans continue in the dark.

August and September 2023

The end of August saw Bad Bunny finally seeming to hint at a relationship with Jenner after he posted a video on his Instagram stories on a hike, telling someone who sounded like Kendall to be careful.

In September, the rapper still wouldn’t comment on the relationship when asked by Vanity Fair, but it seems that there was a reason behind the secrecy because at the end of the month, the two went Instagram official via a campaign for Gucci Valigeria luggage!

November and December 2023

Amidst the autumn chill, whispers of a potential breakup circulated about Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny. Unverified sources hinted at a possible split, causing a stir among fans. The couple, known for their privacy, remained tight-lipped as speculations continued.

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In December, Kendall was photographed in Aspen without Bad Bunny, fueling breakup rumors. The absence of the rapper from holiday snapshots and Kendall’s solo outings hinted at a change in their relationship status. An Instagram post by one of them added to the mystery, with a sunset image captioned, “What’s meant for me will simply find me.”